A record number of terrorist attacks were planned, foiled or carried out in European Union countries last year, with the UK reporting the highest number of attacks.

EU law enforcement agency Europol said there were 211 attacks in 2015, the highest since records began in 2006.

Of those, the UK had the highest with 103 attacks, thought mostly to have been in Northern Ireland.

More than half of arrests in the EU – 687 – were „for jihadist terrorism”.

Of these arrests, 94% were later found guilty in court.

The failed, foiled and completed terrorist attacks were in six EU member states – Denmark, France, Greece, Italy, Spain and the UK.

A spokeswoman for Europol said it did not have a breakdown of the number of terror attacks that had actually been carried out in the EU.


Całość: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-36845647